Samsung Galaxy Beam Projector Re-Released

News   •   Mar 29, 2012 09:00 BST

A few years back, Samsung brought out a large, clunky Galaxy Beam but with the range of Galaxy smartphones that are available now that are lighter, thinner and much prettier, the time has come for the electronics giants to rekindle the Beam Projector. The new handset is upgraded to the latest specification, runs on Android OS and has a sexier, sleeker shape compared to the old version.

With all of the features and technology that is going into the latest smartphones, why wouldn’t Samsung push the boundaries of what a phone can do by adding in their specialist projector technology? As an upgrade to the original projector phone, the Beam has a 1GHz processor so it can run at lightning-quick speeds and resist any hanging or juddering, as well as being backed up by a 2000mAh battery pack that lets you use it much longer than other phones.

You might wonder if there is any need for a projector on your phone, but with numerous uses, it can come in handy if you’re trying to show pictures or video clips to many people. You could even argue that it could be used in classrooms to teach and show children clips as a learning tool. The projector itself is moulded neatly into the top of the phone so if you’re using the phone for other uses, it will not distract or get in the way of the projector. As Samsung are renowned for having stunning colours and clarity of their screens, the projector unit is no different and the touchscreen is just as good as any other Samsung apart from the top of the range Super AMOLED screened phones.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Beam Projector looks classy and smart, complete with its unique yellow bezel that surrounds the outside of the unit. Next to other Galaxy phones, it’s only main difference is the location of the headphone port as it had to be moved for the projector beam lens, but in reality it does look like any other Galaxy, which is a good thing.

In terms of using the projector, you can display files and images to share media with others. As the phone comes complete with Microsoft Office apps, you can easily share documents using Excel, Word or any other Office program. One thing is for sure is that the Samsung Galaxy Beam Projector is more fun than other phones as it has more of a gadgety trick up its sleeve. Just as you might not always use it, it’s handy to have should the need arise to project images onto a wall. It also means that it can get away with having a slightly smaller screen than other Galaxy phones or competitors’ phones, as you can display whatever you want in large-scale using the projector.

What will smartphone manufacturers think of next? One thing is for sure, the technology that is crammed into these small, sleek devices is becoming faster, cooler, more unique and much more usable than just a few years ago.