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Samsung Galaxy Gear connects to BMW i3’s i Remote Application allowing users to get information about the car as well as control the climate of its interiors

News   •   Jan 09, 2014 13:56 GMT

The Samsung Galaxy Gear pairs not only with your Samsung Galaxy Note 3; it also pairs with the BMW i3’s i Remote application. This will allow you to get information about your car as well as control the climate of its interiors.

Samsung announced on Samsung Tomorrow, “The BMW i3, the world’s first fully connected electrically-powered car, features an integrated SIM card, giving drivers access to the vehicle from anywhere at any time. By utilizing the BMW i Remote Application, drivers can share information with the vehicle directly through their mobile device to perform useful functions from being able to access the battery life and driving range to checking to see if the windows are shut or adjusting the car’s climate remotely.”

The Korean tech giant explains, “Samsung and BMW have collaborated to create a Samsung Galaxy Gear showcase specifically designed for the BMW i Remote application. The Samsung Galaxy Gear extends the smartphone experience to the user’s wrist giving real time updates and convenient access to their car. Users can view important information on the Galaxy Gear without having to take their smartphone out of their pocket or unlock a screen.

“With the Samsung Galaxy Gear, users are now able to control their BMW i3 directly from their wrist.  From viewing status information of their BMW i3 to remotely controlling it in several different ways, the connection between the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the i3 truly offers users a whole new way to experience their mobile life.

“In the showcase, the Galaxy Gear with BMW i Remote functionality provides users with important information about charging and vehicle status, including:

·  Status of the BMW i3’s battery charge and current drivable range

·  Status of doors, windows and sunroof

·  Required service & inspection needs

It adds, “Aside from status updates, users can also remotely regulate the temperature of their BMW i3’s interior before getting in the car with either the touch based UI or Samsung’s S-Voice speech command on their Galaxy device. In addition, drivers can activate the “Send to car” function with their Galaxy device’s S Voice feature to send an address directly to their BMW i3’s navigation panel, instantly making their car ready to go as soon as they are.

“The BMW i3 will be on display at the Samsung booth with staff on hand to demonstrate the BMW i Remote Application by utilizing both Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear devices.”

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