Samsung Galaxy Nexus

News   •   Apr 13, 2012 17:00 BST

The first thing that you will notice when looking at a Samsung Galaxy Nexus is that could possibly be one of the most visually pleasant smartphones that’s out there are the moment. When you first turn this android phone one you will see that even the default home screen is really pretty awesome, with credit perhaps going to the new Roboto typography, which is clear and crisp. As with many products by Samsung, they look great and are pretty reliable, however if it is something unique that you have never seen before you might not feel this stunning phone. If on the other hand, like much of the nation, you can’t get enough of Samsung’s style you will love this phone!

Starting with the home screen, the top of the screen is home to search bar, as well as a clock and folder which is where you will find all of the available services by Google. If you want to customise your Samsung Galaxy Nexus you will be pleased to know you are able to do so easily by placing your favourite app icons on top of each other, which creates a modern and funky look.

If you are familiar with smartphones you will notice that there are some similarities to Gingerbread’s app launcher. However, the layout is slightly different with some sharp graphics being available when you use the horizontal swiping motion on the touch screen to browse through the phones apps.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus also features a handy camera and video. The Ice Cream Sandwhich camera also comes with several features that are sure to be a hit, such as the ability to take panoramic pictures. You will also, just as you can with most Samsung models, text and email photos to friends and other contacts. Additionally, you will find that this phone in total has three camera options, including being able to take photographs in a standard position; from the front, which is great for those quick snaps of yourself with friends; and centre position.

The contact app of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been tweeked by Google. The layout and the colours have been changed compared to those of previous versions, such as more prominent photos. The alphabet contact view has also gone, so now you are able to simply scroll through your list of contacts by touching the screen. You will however, still find the function of being able to skip contacts is still available. Additionally, you will be able to organize your contacts. Therefore if you have contacts in your address book that you contact often you will be able to star them, which will mark and place them in your ‘favourites’ list.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus, also allows you to email contacts. The overall look of this feature appears to have been given a facelift also, so you will notice that this smartphone feature is now more clean cut and refined than those versions before. In addition to appearing cleaner, the email feature now allows you to simply drag contacts to the recipient box, whereas before you needed to cut and paste. This makes for a quicker more efficient way to send emails via your smartphone.