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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 challenged by Acer Liquid S1

News   •   Jun 04, 2013 22:59 BST

There’s no denying the popularity of Samsung phablets. The Korean tech giant has continued to dominate the phablet market, from the original Galaxy Note to the current Galaxy Note 2 (to see more information of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 click here). Others have tried to challenge Samsung. Now the new Acer Liquid S1 plans to do the same.

In a press release (to view Acer’s press release click here), Acer announced, “Acer announces its first “phablet” device, designed to be the new travel companion for professionals and adventurers alike. With a large 5.7" HD 1280 x 720 screen and intelligent applications, the Acer Liquid S1 greatly enhances mobile productivity and entertainment.”

Speaking more about specs, the company says, “Featuring single/dual SIM cards , Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, quad-core 1.5 GHz processor, and a day's worth of battery power, the Liquid S1 combines the work efficiency of a tablet PC with the convenience and multimedia-rich features of a smartphone.  It is an all-in-one mobile device that opens up more possibilities for users to communicate and explore.”

So when can you get your hands on the Acer Liquid S1 and how much will it set you back? According to the company, “The Liquid S1 will start shipping in Q3 2013 in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, UK and Germany, followed by Spain and Italy with a starting price of €349.”

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