Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s improvement

News   •   Jun 18, 2013 07:00 BST

Samsung Galaxy is to be launched later this year and this is the company’s flagship of the phablet style smartphone which is foreseen to be another big hit. Just like with other newly introduced devices, there are rumours circulating around regarding the Galaxy Note 3. Here are some improvement options of this phone over the Galaxy Note 2.

Bear in mind that nothing has been confirmed for the Galaxy Note 3 these are all ideas and rumours that suggests possible inclusions. There are reports that Galaxy Note 3 will be release on September and there are some notable enhancements that Samsung lovers would like to see. Like the Galaxy Note 2 before its release, there are no doubts that many readers also have their own wish lists for the upcoming Note 3.

What does Samsung Note 3 needs in order for it to surpass the Note 2 popularity? One of the things that will make it stand out from Note 2 would be a better processor. Note 3 is said to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad processor with this processor, it will be a real treat. There are also rumours going around that there is a possibility that the Galaxy S4 will be using the same processor.

Another beneficial improvement is the higher resolution display. There are rumours that this time Samsung will be using a full HD display with above 300ppi. It is said to have a bigger screen size too from 5.5 it will be 5.9 or even 6 inches. More storage options are said to be featured too in the Note 3. It will be better if it will have a microSD card slot that has the ability to store several applications. Its camera has the possibility to have an Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and this will feature a 13-megapixel camera.

Its design and built will also improve as it is thought to do away with plastic look. It will have the first class look and feel but this is still an unconfirmed talk because Samsung is known to be using plastic as of this time. Other improvements that are being anticipated are the use of the stylus and its wireless charging ability. If the Note 3 will have an upgraded processor and a higher resolution, this will mean an improved gaming experience on the Note 3. Other anticipated improvements should be fast charging, larger battery capacity and improved speakers.

These should be improvement options came from readers when asked what do they like to see in Samsung Galaxy Note 3. If you are a Note 2 user, what do you think of the above suggested improvements? Check out the latest Samsung Galaxy deals and compare all types of phones at Mobile Phone Checker.