Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & S5 release Applications to SD

News   •   Jun 25, 2013 07:00 BST

When it comes to internal storage, the question for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and S5 users will be how big do you want your storage to be? Do you want to run applications from SD Cards? As the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is coming near, this question is being asked by some readers. While the Galaxy S5 will be released months away, this question seems to be possible also.

It is said that Samsung will soon offer a cheaper version of their handsets that come will with less storage but say thanks to some of the recently released hardware getting updates because this will allow running applications from SD card. What does this mean? Users can buy handsets with low storage and upgrade or expand at a later date.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will soon be released with more storage than the Note 2. When this phablet was launched, it did not include the ability to play games and use applications from SD cards. There are lots of Note 2 users that are still waiting for the possibility of running games and other applications on SD.

This week, when the news on the upcoming Jelly Bean update on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and S3 broke, it focuses on the release of the window; right after comments pour in on its official social media network. Users will definitely become excited if they found out what they can do to SD upgrade and how this will give them more freedom especially those who are lacking internal storage. For weeks now, there are people who are asking how this popular phablet upgrade can get a 64GB of internal storage. A week ago, our readers learned the benefits of running an application from SD card and they called it a big change while others stated that it was a significant change especially in installing applications.

What is the importance of an internal storage? If you can get a 128GB, can you run several applications from it? The answer is this; a 64GB storage will do and then later on add some expansion if you would love to fill your handset with other applications and media.

One of the topics in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specification is the Dual SD Cards. There are a number of readers who talked about 2 SD cards slots for expansion due to several reasons. One reason is that it allows you to store videos and other files. Others like to have 2 slots because it will allow them to put games to one and another for media files.

For you, how important is it that you have an internal storage for the soon to be released Samsung Galaxy Note 3? What about for the  Galaxy S5? What do you think is the ideal storage size if it will allow you to expand with SD cards? Would price matter to you since its price will be quite expensive due to its storage costs? See our Samsung Galaxy S5 deals when they are out, but for now, see our Samsung Galaxy S4 deals to whet your appetite.