Samsung Galaxy Note vs HTC Sensation XL

News   •   Mar 19, 2012 11:30 GMT

Both hitting the retailers at roughly the same time, the new smartphones are being hailed as two of the best yet. However, as you will most likely opt for a mobile phone contract which could mean you keep the phone for the foreseeable future, it’s important to make sure you choose the right one.

Firstly, the screen sizes are 4.7” for the HTC and 5.3” for the Samsung Galaxy Note. That means that the visibility is a little better on the Samsung but it is a little tall for slipping into your pocket. The XL has a single core processor that might be 1.5GHz compared to the 1.4GHz of the Note but the Samsung has a dual core processor so it can handle more jobs at any one time, which is perfect for those who use their smartphone to its fullest. The Note has higher-powered battery at 2,500mAh compared to the 1,600mAh of the Sensation, so it will last longer when you’re using it.

Few mobile phone makers can compete with the Super AMOLED touch screen as its clarity and quality are just so high. With the Galaxy having a 800 x 1200 resolution screen that features the Super AMOLED technology compared to the 480 x 800 of the HTC it has it well and truly beaten. The only positive for the HTC is it has Gorilla Glass covering it so it resists scratches and glare.

Both phones feature the Gingerbread 2.3 OS but the Galaxy can accept the new Ice Cream Sandwich OS, which adds yet another plus point to it. With the strong processor behind it the phone is able to move and work faster and more fluidly through the screens. The intuitive nature of the OS means that you can personalize your phone so that it works perfectly for your needs.

One point that might stand out for you during your choice is the size of the phone. At 163g for the Samsung Galaxy Note and 170g for the HTC Sensation XL, there isn’t much in it but the larger screen might deter you from choosing the Samsung. However, with more features, it being more modern and looks sleeker than the HTC the plus points far outweigh the extra size of it.

If you’re a music fan and listen to your MP3s on your phone often the HTC Sensation might be preferred as it comes complete with Beats Audio technology. This means that you can listen through external speakers and normal headphones. Whatever your needs are, both phones are more than capable of handling them from day to day activities such as web browsing, emails, social media and networks as well as the odd phone call now and then, but for specifics, the HTC is for those that don’t want to carry an MP3 player around while the Samsung Galaxy Note is the latest in the line of stunning phones from the firm. It’s super-clear screen never gets boring to marvel at just how crisp and precise the images are, and although the choice is yours, the Galaxy Note is just a little bit better than the XL.