Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3 to Get the Jelly Bean OS

News   •   Jul 25, 2012 07:00 BST

After the new operating system from Android, named Jelly Bean, was launched at Google’s I/O in June and there has certainly been some buzz over it. The Android-enabled phone makers have been rubbing their hands together waiting for the new upgrade, which will be the obvious choices from the start of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the S2 smartphones.

The Jelly Bean update is generally a facelift for the operating system. It’s sweeter, faster and is rumoured to give the Apple IOS6 a run for its money before it’s even launched. At the moment, the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system is still the flagship system for Android and many people are so happy with the upgrade, but with expected release dates onto handsets being in August or September – around the same time as the new iPhone will be launched – it seems Google and Samsung are once again trying to cause a ruckus within the Apple camp.

Insider knowledge has confirmed the Jelly Bean 4.1 operating system is a huge success from testing. It’s obviously guesswork at the moment as to how it will affect the release of the iPhone 5 but it’s certainly a bonus for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Tab 2 and the Galaxy Note – all of which are destined for the new operating system from Android before other, lesser models. As the iPhone 5 is finally in production and being churned out in the millions, it’s a bit of a gamble considering the Samsung Galaxy S3 is catching up with the S2 sales volumes per month – an astonishing 5 million handsets are sold of the S2 and the S3 is nearing that level despite a few hiccups at the start of the launch.

As the Samsung Galaxy SIII deals are constantly in the news and topping the comparison sites, we have seen a marked increase each week of sales since the launch. The iPhone 5 marketing team have been working at building anticipation for the last 12 months but is that too long? Will the Apple faithful stick by their guns and wait for the iPhone 5 or have they already switched to the Samsung side of the fence? As other smartphones, such as the Sony Xperia S, the HTC One X and the new LG smartphone have gone all out in trying to better the best sellers, Apple really has to make sure that the iPhone 5 can cut the mustard!

However, the rumours always occur and with past history of the sales of iPhones and its derivatives there should be nothing to worry about. We’ve heard that a mini-iPad is coming out at the same time or near to the launch date of the iPhone 5 which could be a double-booster sales technique for the brand. With the previous launch of the iPad 2 at the same time as the iPhone 4S deals, both of which have sold in their droves, it seems this rumour could well be true.