Samsung Galaxy S3 All Maxed Out Due to Consumer Frenzy

News   •   Jul 09, 2012 07:00 BST

With the absence of a credible competition from Apple, the new Samsung Galaxy S3 has reached the heights of market demand more than they could ever wish for. Samsung reported that for the second month that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been in the market, it has sold almost ten million units all over the world. This news is such an overwhelming situation for Samsung as their units are almost all maxed out, but this is definitely a nice problem to have on their part.

Samsung had recently confessed that they were not able to neither anticipate nor foresee that the market will be this warm to them. Critics even added that they have never seen such craze and realized that this type of consumer frenzy only happens for Apple devices. Now, things have changed, the tables are turned and it’s all in favor of Samsung’s most advanced smartphone. Today, Samsung has risen to a whole new level that only iPhone products have ever reached before. However, despite that very good news for Samsung, their problem not is that the overwhelming demand which they have not expected at all leads them in a rush of producing more Samsung Galaxy S3 units. Clearly, they never saw this coming and that their production leg has not been able to keep up with the demand.

Though this consumer frenzy is fueled by the lack of good competition from Apple as well as other smartphones from other brands, one cannot deny that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is truly an amazing and intelligent smartphone. Brandished with the tagline of “inspired by nature”, this phone sees, listens, and responds to its user just like what a normal and intellectual person would do.

This phone definitely deserves the success that it has garnered today. Moreover, Samsung proves to the whole world that a good phone, coupled with the perfect advertising strategy and the perfect timing will never hit the dust. The release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 was well-timed since the launch of its biggest rival, the iPhone 5, is not yet expected until the latter months of 2012 and the existing rivals such as the Google’s Motorola and Nokia Lumia series did not create a market stir at all. This gave the Samsung Galaxy S3 the grand opportunity of dominating and monopolizing the supreme battle for smartphones.


On these note, the gods must be in favor of the Korean giant label Samsung who kept their head on the sky but their feet on the ground. It is only fitting that they gave their production rate the benefit of the doubt and did not mass-produced the model. Expecting less also helped them manage the distribution of the phone. Instead of focusing with the demand that their new phone will meet, they focused on the phone itself. Samsung Galaxy S3 is the proof that when a mobile phone is that good, there is nothing much to do to promote it, because it will definitely sell itself and on its own.