Samsung Galaxy S3 Deals Top the Smartphone Charts in Our Comparison Site

News   •   Aug 08, 2012 13:00 BST

Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest offering from Samsung which was released early 2012. Now the question is, is it really worth the hype, or will it just follow suit with the overhyped success of iPhone 4S which the public treated with too much anticipation after iPhone 4? After the never-ending battle between Samsung and Apple phones, finally, Samsung gave up to the “stalling trend” and released the Galaxy S3 even before the iPhone 4S is launched. So, should you buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 right now or should you wait for the iPhone 5? Let’s have a break down about this brand new phone that’s making waves in the tech market.

Let us begin with what we know. Samsung Galaxy S3 cascades into the market with the proudness and confidence of sporting the best screen ever with a smashing 4.8-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen made from Gorilla Glass 2 Corning. Aside from that, inside its skeletal lies the most advanced Android operating system known as the 4.0, with the popular nickname Ice Cream Sandwich. This phone brags of a lightning-speed for web browsing like no other and a high definition screen where videos and images nearly come to life. Dubbed as the phone “inspired by nature”, Samsung Galaxy S3 has the ability to see, listen, respond, and allows its user to share their greatest moments.

With all the glitz, hype and buzz surrounding this phone, and by also taking into account Samsung’s statement of having more than ten million pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S3 deals prior to its extravagant launch in London, the arrival of this phone created a crazy mob of people who are dying to get their hands on their very own Samsung Galaxy S3. In an instant, Samsung Galaxy SIII deals have reached the roof and made the people forget about the long wait they are planning to spend for arrival of the 5th generation of iPhone, at least as of the moment.

The thing with technology is that some people tend to blindingly choose what’s new over what’s valuable. This had happened a lot of times. It seems that people never have contentment when it comes to their mobile devices. So if we are to answer the question on whether people should line up for the Samsung Galaxy S3 deals, or wait a little further for iPhone 5, the choice is really theirs. It does not change the reality that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a powerful phone. Tactlessly, this phone is something to spend your hard-earned cash on. With the advancement on this mobile phone, you can definitely treat it as an investment even if you are going to purchase it through Samsung Galaxy S3 deals which will require one to continually pay for it until the contract is covered. In short, if you are a big fan of slim and sleek mobile phones that barely tips the weighing scale and a gigantic screen is golden in your eyes, the Galaxy S3 is something that can brighten your day, every day.