Samsung Galaxy S3 expects to Top Sales Quarter 4

News   •   Aug 05, 2012 13:00 BST

It cannot be denied that the popularity of smartphones these days bring in a lot of high-tech gadgets and competition in the market. Among many mobile phone brands, the Samsung Galaxy series has topped all other monumental names in the smartphone market in previous years. The Korean technology seemed to battle it out against top competitors like Apple, Nokia, and Motorola when it comes to who’s the leader of mobile phone innovation. Samsung surpassed its aim of selling over ten million Galaxy S units in just a few months, making it the top and leading brand in the world.

The company originally shipped the Galaxy S with 2.1 Éclair, and then upgraded to 2.2 Froyo and now given a new life with the integration of Android’s 2.3 Gingerbread. The product of this innovation and continued upgrade is the Samsung Galaxy S2 and it was the best-selling mobile phone brand upon its release. This unit is perfect for people who do not want to compromise on features and go for an affordable smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has never been considered a slouch of a phone as it has 1GHz processor, GPS, HD video recorder, built-in memory from 8 GB to 16 GB, HSDPA/HSUPA, and empowered with the latest Android OS.

This year, 2012, Samsung has never been failing its customers to deliver affordable yet superior quality smartphones in the market. The company had recently launched another Galaxy series called Samsung Galaxy S3. Upon the launching of the product in the US, it has received the most positive reviews among other Samsung smartphones. That is also why they were able to come up with chart topping sales in the first two months at over ten million sales. This makes Samsung Galaxy S3 the fastest selling smartphone in the world considering the fact that its tight contender, Apple iPhone 4S, was also recently launched. Adding more to this, the following years would be certainly a matchup between all smartphones brand names as Apple and Nokia continue to launch more improved and developed mobile phones in the market.

The analysts estimate the shortage in the units of Galaxy mobile phones, affecting two million units of shipments in the first quarter of the year. On a lighter note, Samsung views this as an opportunity set another record quarter of earnings from its previous handsets helped by the sales of S2 and the Samsung Galaxy tablet note. The Samsung Galaxy 3 has given the company over 44.5 million sales just between January and March and the next quarter sales are expected to reach 50 million. Despite the threat that iPhone 4S could affect the popularity of Samsung Galaxy S3, the sales remain strong and pushes other companies to join the competition, too.

With increased demand for smartphones, it has become difficult for buyers to choose the perfect handset for them. The white Samsung Galaxy S3 has unique style and design while loaded with so many features supported by the latest Android OS. People can buy this handset at cheap mobile phone contract that can help them have less worries regarding mobile phone purchase.