Samsung Galaxy S3 Gets Jelly Beans Everywhere

News   •   Oct 14, 2012 13:00 BST

A little embarrassing for Samsung but their flagship model hasn’t been granted the upgraded Jelly bean operating system in all regions yet, despite the iPhone 5 being launched and the phone being on the market since June. However, at the end of October almost all regions will be able to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphones to the new operating system. At the moment only 2% of phones out there are using Jelly Bean and have been using Ice Cream Sandwich only.

While many believe that the new Android system should have been available on the Samsung Galaxy S3 on the week that Apple launched its new iPhone 5 that hasn’t materialised. Current owners of the SG3 will be pleased but feel that it’s overdue for the upgrade. However, if you are thinking of buying a new SG3 then the Samsung Galaxy S3 deals that are available on the run up to Christmas are very enticing and the fact that you can almost guarantee that your region will be able to run the new Jelly Bean software is a double bonus.

When the software was released in Poland it received a few bugs and that’s been the cause of the problems of rolling it out. So, those people that feel hard done by might be jumping the gun as Google Android are just protecting the reputation by not rushing the upgrade out to everyone until the bugs are fixed. That’s pretty commendable if you ask us. Sweden has already been receiving the upgrade and other European countries have too, so it’s not long before we get it in the UK.

Rumour has it that the end of October will see 99% of countries in the EU experience the new upgrade and that means that if you’ve been holding back on buying a new Samsung Galaxy S3 then now is certainly the time to do so. The upgrade only takes up a few hours of your time and all your records, data and files are saved, and protected by being backed up in the Cloud, so if you buy a Samsung Galaxy S3 now then you should be good to go straight onto the Jelly Bean operating system.

While people in the US might be angered that JB isn’t available there yet, the good news is that it’s being rolled out throughout Europe so it won’t be long for them. Although many people think that it should have been fixed sooner, those bugs would be a detriment to both Samsung and Google Android so it’s probably a good thing.

As there are new colours of the Samsung Galaxy S3 coming out, such as red, grey, white, black and Pebble blue, you can really personalise and make your SG3 a little different to the next. With NFC, amazing cameras, HD video recording and more RAM than you can shake a stick at, the Samsung Galaxy S3 deals make the phone one of the most affordable and best on the market right now.