Samsung Galaxy S3 Replaceable Lenses

News   •   Feb 22, 2013 08:47 GMT

Samsung Galaxy owners should really be glad with the newest development in their phones’ accessories. It is a fact that the Samsung Galaxy S3 cameras produce great pictures but now photos can be enhanced with the latest camera lenses developed by VTEC. VTEC, the leading provider of electronic accessories had developed and introduced new camera lenses that can be attached/ clipped to Galaxy S3. This will give photos more life and better quality. These camera lenses are so easy to use, compact and simple to change. The camera lens comes with clips that can be attached to the back of the S3. With this development, Galaxy S3 users do not need to buy a separate camera to produce the best photo quality.

There are different camera lenses that can be used for Samsung Galaxy S3. One of these is the CAM 1209 or aluminium telephoto lens which is said to have zoom quality 12x better than other cameras. This lens gives impressive pictures and does not produce distorted images. This makes telephoto an ideal gift for people who are photography lovers. It has a manual focus ring that allows users to shoot fast moving objects and people.  The Telephoto comes with tripod. Telephoto lens enables user to focus even at a 3 meter distance, it also has a 12 degree angle view and has a lens diameter of 21mm.

Another camera lens that Samsung S3 has is the wide-angle lens. It allows more scenes to be captured. Its lens is totally different from a standard camera lens because it has wider view allowing users to take in more pictures even in an ordinary range of view.  Taking photos at close range and close ups are so ideal with the wide angle and macro lens. Its weight is 6.2g.

The fish eye lens allows users from up to 180 degrees magnification. It gives effect to every image being photographed. The fish eye lens is good for enjoyable, odd and unusual shots. Its lens will give the image a rounded effect like that of the fish bowl.  It also has a circular black border effect. It weighs 13.2g.

A specially designed filter for Samsung Galaxy S3 is the CPL filter that can be used to reduce reflections. The CPL filter is especially useful if a user wants to enhance colour saturation. This is great for shooting landscapes and skies. CPL filter can make blue skies bluer and brighten up other dull coloured subjects creating dramatic effect.

Another camera lens that is available for the Galaxy S3 is the microscope that is designed for the S3 only.

These lenses come with a phone cover that can be attached to the back of Samsung Galaxy S3. With these lenses, the photos that a user takes will be of improved quality. The VTEC lenses covers are made of durable materials designed to be tough that makes it a perfect phone protector even when the lenses are not attached.

Users will now appreciate fully their S3 because of the added accessories that VTEC brings. See the stunning Samsung Galaxy S3 deals at Mobile Phone Checker and use the mobile phone contract comparison for the best prices.