Samsung Galaxy S3 Update to Jelly Bean Hits the UK

News   •   Oct 19, 2012 07:00 BST

Finally, some of you might say, but the reality is that some European countries have seen a few bugs with Jelly Bean since the launch and that’s why Android has throttled the roll-out back. That, is fairly commendable as it protects the reputation and means that operating system upgrades such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean is seamless and smoother. If there were any problems, then they should all be fixed.

Here in the UK, we’re used to waiting a little while for things. For example, other countries around the globe have 4G broadband but we’re stuck with 2.1MBps of 3G. When the new service comes into play hopefully in a few months we should be able to get a maximum of 100MBps, especially if we have a 4G enabled phone such as the Samsung Galaxy S3. Thanks to the new operating system it means there is a little less load on the device, not that ICS was poor because the 1.5GHz quad-core processor is more than up to the job.

In order to upgrade from ICS to Jelly Bean 4.1, you don’t need to connect your SG3 from the Samsung KIES app to your PC. The firm are releasing the update over the air update so that when it’s your time you will be notified and simply press ‘upgrade’. You can manually check to see if your device is ready to upgrade by going into the settings, about and then software update. You will have the option to upgrade if Jelly Bean Android 4.1 is there. However, as the roll-out is being carefully monitored it might be a few days before everyone in the UK can run on Jelly Bean.

At the moment, those of you with Samsung Galaxy S3 phones on the Three network don’t have the option to upgrade yet but O2 customers do. If you’re thinking about getting a Samsung Galaxy SIII phone then compare the best mobile phone contracts on Mobile Phone Checker. You’ll be able to check exactly how much or little you should pay for the new device. As it’s been out for the past 5 months you can definitely grab a bargain if you look at the Samsung Galaxy S III deals.

Other European countries are seeing the update at the same time, so we will all be level-pegging and it means that you don’t need to head overseas to try and get a new phone with the updated operating system. Jelly Bean isn’t massively different to the Ice Cream Sandwich system, as it’s basically overlaid on it, but it is a little more intuitive and some areas are more user-friendly. It’s part of an on-going performance-related upgrade that Google likes to implement.

So, whether you’ve got a smartphone now and the contract is up or you want to get hold of a new Samsung Galaxy S3 then it’s a good idea to compare the deals that are around the country.