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Samsung Galaxy S3 Users To Get A Jelly Bean Update Soon

News   •   Aug 27, 2012 11:36 BST

One of the major attractions of phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 is their use of the hugely popular Android operating system which is developed by Google. This user friendly software offers a host of great features in addition to thousands of third party applications that can be downloaded directly to the smartphone. News has emerged of a new Jelly Bean update for this software that users of the S3 will be able to get their hands on very soon.

Some reports are suggesting that an Android Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be available as soon as August the 29th. The S3 is one of the first phones in line to receive this software with a host of other Android powered devices following on over the coming months. Many users of the phone may not even no the name of the operating system that their phone uses but they will still benefit from this update as it not only enhances performance but also delivers a range of new features that improve functionality. One of the major changes that Jelly Bean will offer is the new Project Butter system. This is not a feature that can be accessed directly but it relates to how the phone operates and helps to improve performance speeds. Project Butter will enable the CPU and Graphics to run parallel with one another which will have positive effects on multi tasking speeds, something that will particularly benefit users of quad core devices like the S3. Interface improvements will also be present such as the ability to handle up to 60 frames per second, reducing lag as the user navigates the various screen available on the phone.

Although many of the changes apparent with Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S3 are behind the scenes there are some changes to features present on the phone. One of the big changes in this department is the addition of a new offline voice typing mode. This is a type of dictation service that will allow users to dictate text messages and emails without needing an internet connection. As a data connection is not used and the work is all handled by the phone itself it is much faster than rival software that relies on the internet. The Google Voice Search feature has also been updated in order to provide better results but this does rely on performing an internet search. A beauty of the Galaxy S3 is that it is perfect for handling multi media files and the update will now support more file types than ever before thanks to improved codec support. Camera editing features have been improved and the notification bar on the phone will give users access to more functions than ever before such as replying to text messages and forwarding e mails.

The new Jelly Bean Update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 will excite many users of the phone as it delivers a great package featuring performance improvements together with added functionality and features.

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