Samsung Galaxy S4 Active: Really Waterproof?

News   •   Jul 31, 2013 16:30 BST

With so many people buying expensive smartphones and then promptly dropping them, breaking them, immersing them in water or liquid, and just being careless with them, a waterproof Samsung Galaxy S4 Active would be ideal for most people. But, there have been concerns about how waterproof the Active actually is. Is it a ploy? Does it work underwater? Does it keep water out, or is it just for rain showers and still work after you get a few splashes on it?

We can't help to bang or bump the smartphone. They're getting bigger and bigger, flatter and have a large glass screen. How are you expected to keep it safe? Sony and Samsung, as well as JCB are the first to waterproof their smartphones and promote them. It's one of the biggest selling points for what is the most successful smartphone range of all time, the Galaxy from Samsung. The new S4 Acive is a stunning device that is virtually the same as the S4 but it has the benefit of being bump proof and waterproof. 

The IP rating of 67 means that it will still work after its been in water for 30 seconds. And, there are reports that owners can take pictures underwater too. However, there have been mny tests and the weak USB door has been to blame for letting water in. Everything else seems to work, so Samsung might come out with a new 'door' soon to stop this from happening. We're not sure how it got through the IP test in the first place.

Some buttons stopped working during the water tests and Google Now suddenly started working and it just didn't seem the same. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is a wonderful machine but it does show that Samsung has rushed the device through the IP rating and needs to make just one amendment.

However, if you want it to just be splash proof and shock proof, then why not buy one today? We have a great range of Samsung Galaxy S4 Active deals but if that's not for you then the Sony Xperia Z, which is waterproof, has some great deals too.