Samsung Galaxy S4 Gets Pipped by iPhone 5S in Xmas Sales

News   •   Jan 09, 2014 07:29 GMT

Christmas is always a peak season for smartphones sales and income always exciting to see which phones fly off the shelves, and which ones lag behind. Not long ago the Iphone 5S beat the Samsung Galaxy S4 to get to be the best-selling smartphone in america. Today new figures show the 5S has pipped the Galaxy S4 for the leading Xmas phone in the united kingdom.

Recently we told viewers how within the a couple of months spanning last September, October and November, the iPhone 5S was the bestselling smartphone on every one of the major 4 US carriers. Now Apple has more cause to enjoy as in line with the Portable System for November, it absolutely was the gold iPhone 5S that turned the Christmas number-one.

The Mobile System views pre orders, revenue and live searches and in the contest for the utmost effective smartphone it had been a challenge between the iPhone 5S and S4 for first place. The iPhone 5S beat off your competition, whilst the Galaxy S4 grabbed second spot and it was just one more Samsung phone that gained the 3rd spot, the Galaxy S3.

Curiously Apple and Samsung between them got 8 out of the top ten areas but Apple’s iPhone 5C just managed fifth place whilst the iPhone 4 no further built the information. The 2 sites not snapped up by Apple and Samsung units were the HTC The one that managed seventh area, while the Sony Xperia Z1 got ninth.

Obviously the Samsung Galaxy S5 will probably debut soon having a release in the first month or two of this year possible. It will be intriguing to observe this effects on revenue of the iPhone 5S when it does become available.