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Samsung Galaxy S4 goes through torture tests and survives

News   •   Jun 19, 2013 10:46 BST

The Samsung Galaxy S4 (check out the Samsung Galaxy S4 here) may be one of the slimmest smartphones out there, but it is also one of toughest. A video (check out the video here) by Samsung proves this.

The Galaxy S4 was put through a number of torture tests Samsung calls the “reliability test.” In the first test called the “consecutive drop test,” a machine consecutively drops the handset simulating a drop from stairs. In the second test called the “free-fall test,” a machine drops the phone from a certain height, simulating a tall drop. In the third test called the “tumble test,” a machine is tumbled a lot of times. In the fourth test called the “impact test,” a heavy weight is dropped on the screen, simulating impact. In the fifth test called the “sink test,” it is submerged in water. In the last test called the “temperature & humidity torture test,” it is placed in humidity that can almost instantly melt ice and butter.

None of these tests damaged the Samsung Galaxy S4, proving its toughness.

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