Samsung Galaxy S4 is in demand

News   •   Jun 20, 2013 07:00 BST

A number of smartphone users according to rumours circulating these past few weeks are thinking of shifting from iPhone 5S to Samsung Galaxy S4 if there iPhone 5s will be a no show at the WWDC.  Rumours about the iPhone 5S release stated that it will be released sometime December with a bigger screen size than the previous iPhone and this was hinted by the company itself.

What about the demand for S4? One of the mobile review readers stated that the new iPhone 5S needs to deliver a bigger screen size if this will not be the case, a switch to the Samsung Galaxy S4 is eminent. Another reader stated that if there will be no iPhone 5S at the WWDC, he is left without a choice but to upgrade to the Galaxy S4 since he wants to upgrade his phone and that cannot wait.

These are some of the comments of mobile phone readers; however Apple is still getting a lot of support for the new iPhone 5S that is expected to be launched during fall. This is very evident in some of the feedbacks received like what one of the readers said that he is sticking to iPhone no matter what. He does not like Android phones.

One reader said that they have tried using Android for two years and made a point when he stated that he loves Samsung phones but hates Android. According to him, he had given Android phone a chance but he uses Apple’s iOS almost every day on his iPad while he uses Android every day on his notes. He also said that he is going back to Apple as soon as a bigger iPhone screen is released.

iOS 7 features might take some wait for people who are anticipating it; while some Android users might say that they are not really impress with the iOS 7 but there are lots of readers and current iOS users that are excitedly waiting for the new iOS 7 features. The company, Apple has changed its design a lot and the UI of iOS7 is quite impressive. Some people are wondering now how many people have changed their minds about shifting so soon and who are these people who will wait for the newest iOS7 and the iPhone 5S this fall?

The question is this... are you disappointed because there is no iPhone 5S at the WWDC? Do you expect this because there are no rumours about it? Are you looking forward in the coming fall when iPhone 5S release date? Or are you happy with the latest batch of iPhone 5 deals?