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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini confirmed to be coming soon to EE

News   •   Jun 03, 2013 18:36 BST

If you are a fan of more affordable handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, you’re sure to be thrilled the Korean tech giant has recently made the Galaxy S4 Mini official. However, you must be wondering when it will arrive in the UK or which network will be adding the phone to its lineup. Well, we have one network operator that has confirmed that the phone is coming soon to its lineup. This is EE.

Samsung recently officially announced the Galaxy S4 Mini on its website. To be honest, we all knew about the phone even before it was officially unveiled, since it has been leaked on a number of occasions on the internet, including an accidental leak on Samsung Apps. We will be able to see the handset for the first time in Samsung’s London event, which kicks off on the 20th of June. Despite spilling the beans on specs and features, the Korean firm still failed to mention the phone’s release date.

EE said in a statement to the Inquirer, “We can confirm we plan to stock the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini from launch. It will be available on our superfast 4GEE service as well as on our Orange and T-Mobile UK brands. Further details on pricing and availability will be announced in due course.”

Sadly, still no release date from the double-capped network. However, Carphone Warehouse does say that the handset will be available in shops in July.

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