Samsung Galaxy S4 On Its Way!

News   •   Oct 08, 2012 13:00 BST

With the launch of the iPhone 5, Samsung is about to release a counter-strike with the Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s due to hit our shelves next year, in 2013, but we will be the first ones to test it and compare the contracts when it’s out. For now, with the iPhone 5 mania that has ensued, Samsung are biding their time and will demolish the iPhone 5 with the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Korean firm releases a new Galaxy every 6 months or so, which means we could see it by January 2013 or February. With the technology that is already in the Galaxy SIII the S4 will be astonishing and if you’re planning on getting a new smartphone in the January sales then the Galaxy S4 deals will be fantastic and you’d be right to wait until after the festive period.

There are already leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S4 on the market which show stickers on the case saying 3GB. It’s safe to assume that it’s not too wild a claim as we’re already seeing 2GB smartphones and it’s basically about 5 years behind laptop technology. With improved software and RAM we can expect the Super AMOLED HD screen to be incredible and it to flow more fluidly. That might seem odd at the moment as the Samsung Galaxy S3 is sublime but the Galaxy S4 will no doubt beat it. If 2013 is the introduction of 3GB RAM and higher internal storage, possibly 128GB on a microSD card, then you can expect to be able to hold more videos, music and files as well as reach them faster and use more areas of the smartphone with multiple core processors. We think that a quad core will remain for the time being as it’s already a little overkill compared to the other parts of the specification and some laptops don’t even need that many, but faster processors and more RAM and space will definitely be on the cards.

So, if you’re an Android lover and can’t wait for the 4.2 upgrade then you can expect the Samsung Galaxy S4 to be right up your street. Talk of a 13.2MP camera means that research has shown Samsung that the Galaxy S4 should have a better camera and the screen will be around 5” in size. Whether the firm kills off the Note remains to be seen or it might simply blur into a larger, tablet like smartphone. If that’s the case then Samsung should start adding straps to the phablets so the huge devices are easier to carry around.

 It sounds achievable, doesn’t it? A 3GB RAM, 128GB internal space, 13.2MP camera’d Samsung Galaxy S4 will no doubt sell in the millions and be a natural progression from the Galaxy S3. With a larger, clearer and more fluid screen that is capable of faster imaging and higher screen resolutions it could well be the smartphone to dampen Apple’s iPhone 5 sales. Check out the Samsung Galaxy S4 deals when it’s released.