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Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales In Sudden Decline

News   •   Jun 10, 2013 08:35 BST

When the Samsung Galaxy S4 was released just over a month ago the new device was expected to achieve great success following that of its predecessor the Galaxy S3. In the beginning it was predicted that the new S4 would exceed the sales figured that the S3 achieved, however there has been a recent drop in demand for the model which has resulted in a drop in Samsung's share price.

  The new Samsung Galaxy S4 arrived on our shelves at the end of April this year and instantly became a hit with both consumers and industry experts as well as notching up impressive sales figures. Unfortunatley new reports now show that there has been a drop in demand for the model as its popularity has declined. Industry analyst JPMorgan Chase and Co believe that this drop has resulted in a 6.2 percent decline in Samsung's share price which is the biggest decrease in share prices that the company have experienced in over nine months. This has come as a great surprise as the S4 had such a great start which resulted in the sales of a massive 10 million devices in the first 27 days. As a result predictions for the handset were that 80 million units would be sold in its first year, however according to some analysts this figure has now dropped to 60 million.

  The Samsung Galaxy S3 was released back in 2012 and unfortunately the new Galaxy S4 has not experienced the same impressive sales pattern. 5.2 million units of the S3 were sold in the first quarter and demand then began to increase resulting in a massive 18 million handsets sold in the third quarter. Samsung has high hopes for the Galaxy S4 following the success of its predecessor, however this now looks unlikely to be the case. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is still undoubtedly a great device that offers some super specification and also a number of features which can not be found on the S3. There is a larger 5 inch Full HD display on board which is said by many to be the best screen currently available.   Superb savings on this premium handset here

  The Samsung Galaxy S4 is still expected to become one of the best selling smartphones this year, however this recent drop in its demand has brought with it a decline in Samsung's share price.