Samsung Galaxy S4: The Smartest Smartphone in the Galaxy Yet?

News   •   Feb 05, 2013 07:00 GMT

There is no question that Samsung has put up a rather good fight in the battle for smart phone supremacy when they have released the most successful Android-powered phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3, last year. And like every other highly-acclaimed brands in the market, Samsung’s most anticipated 2013 product lineup has been ripe with speculations with the rumour mill keep on churning possible specifications and release date for the company’s supposedly newest flagship – the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Retaining the Galaxy S3’s infamous feature Smart Stay, which prevents the handset’s display to switch off while the user is still looking at it, the Galaxy S4 is said to upped the bar a bit higher by filing trademarks for the two latest innovations in eye-tracking technology, the Eye Scroll and the Eye Pause.

Rumour has it that Samsung has filed trademark requests about these eye-tracking technologies in Europe last 21st of January for all their tablets and smartphones. Though this latest development only makes it seem implausible that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be indeed released by either mid-April or June 2013, it didn’t stop the Android-geeks in crossing their fingers and hoping that this will indeed be the case.

According to various reports circling on the internet, there are no definite details attached to the trademark filings regarding these technologies but some assumptions have been made as to what these new features can do.

If any of the internet chit chats are to believed, the Eye Pause would automatically pause movies, videos, games and other apps you are using when you let your eyes go astray to look at something else other than the display while Eye Scroll would entail an automatic scrolling down of page and/or viewing of the next page in sync with your eye movement while reading a web page.

New eye-tracking features aside, it is also rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would sport a 5-inch Super AMOLED display at a stunning 1080p Full HD resolution at 441 ppi pixel density. It is also reported that it will be the very first handset to run with an eight-core processor, the  Exynos 5 OctaProcessor, which will undeniably increase the phone’s performance but an amazing decrease by as much as 70 percent in battery drain issues. It is also widely believed that the flagship will carry the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS with TouchWiz UI.

Will there be a grain of truth to these rumours? Will the Galaxy S4’s new and exciting features enough to maintain Samsung’s firm grip on the Android platform? Do you prefer the Samsung Galaxy S3 deals or will you hold on for the Samsung Galaxy S4 deals?