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Samsung Galaxy S4 Tops 20 Million Sales

News   •   Jul 07, 2013 20:27 BST

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched a couple of months ago, and has quickly become the South Korean manufacturer's latest record breaking success. Although there have recently been reports that demand for the phone has slowed down, resulting in Samsung reducing component orders, it looks like the device has proven to be as successful as anticipated.

Before the Samsung Galaxy S4 hit the market, Samsung predicted that the handset would sell 10 million units every month for of 2013. With over 10 million units sold during its first month, the device certainly appears to be on track, and GSM Arena has recently reported that sales of the device have now topped 20 million units. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S3 shot to fame in 2012 after taking 100 days to reach this figure, which at the time was a record breaking success. However, the much faster rate at which the Galaxy S4 achieved this means it has sold 1.7 times faster than its predecessor, smashing its sales records. A total of 80 million sales of the Galaxy S4 have been forecast throughout 2013, and if this is achieved it will beat the 60 million sales of the Galaxy S3 in 2012. For Samsung Galaxy S4 news and reviews, click here.

Obviously, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the manufacturer's most advanced model to date. Given its spec list, it's easy to see why the sales of the phone have been so high. The Galaxy S4 boasts a 5 inch 1080p super AMOLED display, 1.9 GHz quad-core processor, 13 megapixel camera, LTE connectivity and Android 4.2.2 Jellybean OS with Samsung's TouchWiz Nature UX interface over the top. The Galaxy S4 also sees the addition of a number of innovative Samsung software applications, setting the device apart from other handsets, making it of the most powerful on the market. Click the fllowing link for cheap Samsung Galaxy S4 contracts:

Of course, the Galaxy S4 faces tough competition from the likes of the Sony Xperia Z, HTC One and upcoming iPhone 5S. However, it seems highly likely that the Galaxy S4 will remain the top selling smartphone model of the year.