Samsung Galaxy S5 hopes for a Carbon Fibre design

News   •   Jul 10, 2013 07:00 BST

Undoubtedly, Samsung is the market leader in the Android smartphone all over the world. Though they are currently the leader, the company was not sparred from criticisms from other quarters about the built and design of their mobile devices; but there is no stopping Samsung to build and improve their device’s quality. This change are about to happen to the Samsung Galaxy S5 design which is said to be built using the carbon fibre following the company’s announcement of a new design partner.

Their design has recently been criticized, but they have announced that they entered a partnership with the German based SGL group for carbon fibre materials. Both of these companies will have a 50% share in this new venture thereby allowing Samsung to get a long term supply of the carbon fibre material to be used in their mobile devices.

It is said that the material will be used for quite a number of Samsung products but the circulating reports did not mention mobile phones and tablets particularly, for that matter though it is presumed that they are included when the company mentioned electronic products.

The criticism began after HTC One released its smartphone with Aluminium body; it was when Samsung’s smartphones build quality came under fire. The company has always defended that using plastic allowed them to produce high levels of mobile phones to be released at the same time in different markets.

What does this deal mean? Will it signal that Samsung’s smartphones will be built using the carbon fibre material? While Galaxy Note 3 will hit mass production come August, is this deal too late for the Note 3? Which do you prefer Carbon fibre material or Aluminum body for your smartphones? Your comments, views and reactions are most welcome keep them coming.

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