Samsung Galaxy S5 Seems Not Too Likely Now...

News   •   Dec 31, 2013 07:00 GMT

There has been plenty of rumours surrounding the software capabilities and specifications for next year’s flagship smartphones from Samsung recently for 2014, but an Galaxy S5 versatile display launch is looking more unlikely in accordance with reports.

The display for your Samsung Galaxy S5 has been under plenty of debate recently that's involved the resolution of the monitor combined with chance of a flexible display, which intensified following a patent application was given to the company.

Today a report appearing out of Korea is indicating that the Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t be featuring a versatile present because the company’s plants can’t maintain production needs for the quantity of products needed for the start of a flagship Samsung device such as the S5.

Even when they managed to quadruple the amount of items being made it nonetheless wouldn’t have the capacity to satisfy the requirement for the mobile in time for its release, but it is also being stated that Samsung may instead offer an unique version of the Galaxy S5 at a later date with a rounded present.

The organisation did the same this season with the S4 with the Galaxy S4 Ace and Zoom hitting theaters. Obviously this is only a rumour and has to be studied with a pinch of salt however, you could imagine that Samsung has something good up its sleeves.

Would you like to see the flexible screen on a smartphone yet? Maybe it's a step too far?