Samsung Galaxy SIII Gets IKEA App

News   •   Aug 03, 2012 07:00 BST

As you’re well aware, the Samsung Galaxy SIII has seen incredible sales patterns since being launched in June, and that’s where retailers are focusing their aims at developing apps and features to work with the available software that’s there. So, for 2013 there will be the IKEA Catalogue app that will be like no other. It will help shoppers decide what to buy and garner more information than is necessary, so they can make an informed decision.

Furniture from IKEA is in almost everyone’s home. The cheaper alternatives of flat-pack furniture that is high-quality and is pre-dilled makes it simple for even the most basic of DIYer to install and erect. So, that’s why it’s such a popular store in the UK and the world. With the new app being available on the incredible Samsung Galaxy SIII, you can make the most of augmented reality and see a virtual world where they can see a range of products in one fully-designed room. By browsing the basic IKEA app and then overlaying the new Catalogue app you can see exactly what products will feature in your home.

By scanning the product and ‘storing’ it then placing it in a room that is designed to the size of your own rooms you can see which products look good and ‘fit’ better. This is a new way of shopping that saves time and money from going and trying to figure out in the store what will work. Instead you can opt to sort out your home’s furnishings without even leaving your home, then simply go and order all of the facets of your new home items online or collect in-store.

When something catches your eye, simply scan your Samsung Galaxy S3 over it and it will analyse the page so that it can relay a boat load of more information back to you. There is no QR code scanning just page scanning from the impressive phone’s scanner. It also means that there is a seamless and enjoyable way of shopping that really makes it better and less hassle. It also stops you taking items back that you thought you wanted in the shop or ordered online and helps IKEA reduce its returned goods, which are essentially a cost that it could do without as most people try and build the items then decide they don’t want them, and could be angry at not being able to take it back to the store.

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 having a 4.8” Super AMOLED screen, that runs with 1280 x 720 resolution, along with 316 pixels per inch, it means you can see everything on the screen more clearly. There is a wide range of connectivity types which means you can connect while you’re on the move and buy items from IKEA even when there is no WiFi connection. Whatever apps you choose for your new phone make sure you check out Mobile Phone Checker’s top Samsung Galaxy SIII deals and see what bargains the retailers have on right now for the world’s most impressive phone.