Samsung Lashes Out Against Apple At Patent Ruling

News   •   Aug 29, 2012 07:00 BST

Samsung Lashes Out At Patent Ruling Against Apple

Samsung, which lost $12bn of stock after the court case was finalised last week against Apple’s patent infringement case, has reacted to the ruling by vying to launch their own attack on the firm with different patent infringements. This will hobble Apple’s attempts at regaining the market share and affect its sales in this tit-for-tat patent battle.

The stock of the Korean firm fell 7.5% as investors pulled out from the company as Apple’s patents on its phone were being copied by Samsung for appearance and behaviour. Samsung’s customers, however, are still snapping up Galaxy S3 deals and S2 phones by the boat load with more than 5 million handsets being sold every month. As Nokia is clear of any patent laws from Samsung or Apple, Google Android might focus more attention on the Finnish loss-making smartphone company instead of Samsung, which could hamper sales later in the year.

It’s not all doom and gloom for Samsung, though, as many more companies are being taken to court by Apple for copying the style and behaviour of its phones. As there are so many smartphones out there right now, all with similar features it could be a while before we see anything truly different and that’s why the patent law suits are taking so long. With Apple focusing on the court cases, will the iPhone development be hampered? We’ll have to wait and see, but as it stands there are thousands of people already looking for iPhone 5 deals in the UK and are ready to buy it as soon as it’s launched.

This isn’t the first case of mobile phone makers taking each other to court. In 2006 Android phones were very similar to RIM’s BlackBerry phones rather than the iPhone, which had yet to be released, and therefore the similarities to the iPhone could be said to have been the other way around! The odd fact that both Apple and Samsung use the same smartphone factory and suppliers for their phones means that there is a third party which could be included in the court cases. This again is the reason why it’s taken so long, but only Samsung seem to have come away with the huge $1bn damages fine.

As the two biggest smartphone firms have been battling for some time Windows Phone creators Microsoft has been sitting back and beavering away at creating more smartphones. The firm only has 5% of the market share but that is set to change as it releases more stunning phones such as the Nokia Lumia 900 and more. With HTC falling behind in the sales charts the path is paved for Windows Phones to take hold and put Bing and Microsoft back in contention with Google and Apple.

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