Samsung Nexus S Review

News   •   Mar 18, 2012 10:00 GMT

Based loosely on the Galaxy S, which is one of the most popular smartphones in the world, the Nexus S is a serious competitor for any other phone out there. The appeal mainly comes from Samsung’s exquisite design and style that is backed up with incredible technology and cutting-edge innovation. It’s hailed as being the most powerful Android handset that the firm has launched, which is why its claimed so many headlines.

Featuring the sublime AMOLED touch screen technology that is encased in a 4” display, it boasts an ultra-clear and clean screen that has clarity in abundance. There are accelerometer sensors, multi-touch input and it has a curved design that is easy to hold when you’re using it. The screen auto rotates depending on which way up you are holding it and there is an auto turn off proximity sensor too. The phone can accept EDGE, GPRS and 3G technologies for a wide range of connections.

The Samsung Nexus S has a fast and fluid interface that is mainly due to the power of the 1GHz processor. This means that web browsing, video streaming and gaming can all be enjoyed at normal speeds without judder or stuttering. The new Android OS means that you can take part in multiple tasks at the same time and there is support for video calling, new audio APIs, as well as Google TV and VoIP support.

A smartphone needs to be as good as the latest digital cameras and with a 5-megapixel camera it’s not far off. There is geo-tagging, LED flash, auto focus and has a screen resolution of 2560 x 1920. Being able to integrate with Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook it gets you connected to the top social networks around.

One of the main highlights of the Samsung Nexus S is the NFC chip. This is the near field communication chip that allows you to read digital tags on consumer goods. Although the technology bug hasn’t caught on the UK it’s huge in Japan and no doubt we will see more people using the NFC chip to good effect as more people know about it. The main point of NFC is that you can purchase goods from a shop using your phone just from reading the tag. It also allows you to share videos, images and other files with other NFC-enabled devices so you don’t have to wait for Bluetooth or send bulk emails to your friends or family.

The processor allows the Samsung Nexus S to swipe smoothly between screens, apps and functions so easily. As technology advances so regularly we suddenly find ourselves needing more from our smartphones, and for them to be faster, easier and packed full of goodies. The Samsung Nexus S doesn’t disappoint and that’s why so many people flocked to buy them when they first came out. As they have been available for a few months now, you can pick up a bargain at and save money by comparing the prices of mobile phone contracts.