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Samsung orders 5 million waterproof antennas for Galaxy S5, according to report

News   •   Feb 13, 2014 19:44 GMT

Are you more interested in the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, Samsung’s waterproof and dustproof version of the Galaxy S4? If so, you may find this information interesting, as Samsung has reportedly ordered 5 million waterproof antennas for the Galaxy S5.

This is according to ETNews. The site reports, “Antenna market structure is shaking as smartphones with waterproof and dustproof functions are spreading.

“This is because in-mold antenna (IMA) technology, which was pushed out from the mainstream following the advent of laser direct structuring (LDS) method, started drawing attention again as it is known to be advantageous in waterproof and dustproof smartphone implementation.

“IMA makers are aiming to reclaim smartphone market by developing not only waterproof and dustproof functions, but also products of high-frequency (RF) performances and small thickness.

“According to the industry on the 11th, IMA demand is increasing rapidly as waterproof and dustproof smartphones are winning popularity as of late.

“Scheduled to launch ‘Galaxy S5,’ Samsung Electronics, especially, cancelled an order for five million LDS rear case built-in antennas and made a shift to IMA technology. The company adjusted its parts supply plan as the forwarding volume of Galaxy S5 Series’ waterproof and dustproof model increased from the initial plan.”

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