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Samsung promises to ‘improve’ water damage coverage of Galaxy S4 Active

News   •   Aug 06, 2013 14:14 BST

Samsung has promised to “improve” the water damage coverage of the Galaxy S4 Active, a waterproof version of the Galaxy S4, after reports of the smartphone not being waterproof at all.

According to Stuff, “Waterproof gadgets call for one thing: sitting on the side of an outdoor swimming pool in the English countryside and dipping the S4 Active in for a few minutes to test out its underwater Aqua mode. 

“I made sure the microUSB port flap was sealed and clicked the rear cover firmly into place (the headphone jack is waterproof) – then panicked my friends by plunging the phone into the water to start filming. 

“As I pulled the Active out and had a look at the footage of bikini tops and hairy man bellies, the handset got very hot and well… croaked it. 

“A quick inspection revealed some pool water had managed to seep into the battery compartment – not a lot but clearly enough. So I was left one handset down, minus my awesome video of two divebombs from opposite ends of the pool and with my gadget expert rep in tatters.”

When the site asked Samsung why the Galaxy S4 Active isn’t covered for water damage, the Korean tech giant replied in a statement saying, “Samsung GALAXY S4 Active has been designed and certified to meet IP67 standards. As part of our standard customer care policy, Samsung actively monitors for product quality and will investigate questions of specific individual devices if they arise. We are working to improve the warranty condition of the GALAXY S4 Active for customers. We will update once it is finalized.”

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