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Samsung said to be working on 4 variants of the Galaxy Note 3

News   •   Jul 09, 2013 17:48 BST

You could say that Samsung released too many variants of the Galaxy S4. Now, according to a report, it is working on four variants of the Galaxy Note 3.

The report comes to us courtesy of ETNews, a Korean site, and was first discovered by SlashGear. SlashGear reports, “It’s reported that the upcoming Galaxy Note III will come in four different variants, each slightly different than the other that will appeal to all price ranges, from a top-tier device down to a budget Galaxy Note III.

“According to Korean news site ETNews, the Galaxy Note III will host four different models, each with different specifications. The names of such devices aren’t yet known, but the highest-tier model will be a limited edition and will be made out of “high-quality materials.” It will also sport a 13MP camera, and a shatterproof AMOLED display.

“The rest of the models will sports a plastic body, with the next-highest-tier variant also sporting a 13MP camera, but a regular AMOLED screen. The third version will include a 13MP camera with just an LCD display, and the lowest-tier model will have an 8MP camera with an LCD screen.

“However, it’s said that internal hardware such as the processor, RAM, etc. will remain the same.”

Is Samsung working on four variants of the Galaxy Note 3? Express your thoughts through a comment below.

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