Samsung working on alternative smartphone designs

News   •   Aug 12, 2013 09:17 BST

Recently, Samsung has been receiving criticism for having the same design for most of its mobile phones. However, some people suggest that there is no need to fix what is not broken. Whatever side you are on, it seems that they are currently working on a fresh line of smartphone designs.

Ever since the smartphone wave started, Samsung has been rolling out the same old design for its flagship and more affordable models. The highly anticipated Galaxy Note 3 model is expected to continue the trend.

The company has recently been awarded some new patents, suggesting that it has been working on some new smartphone designs. But don’t get your hopes up for a different Samsung look in Galaxy Note 3. Although these patents are new to Samsung, the case is different in other parts of the globe. South Korea has already applied for these patents back in 2011 before the United States did a year later.

Some new icon patents, including one each for gaming, call, and camera, have also been awarded to the company. But just because Samsung has been awarded these new patents does not mean they will be used anytime soon. It is still unknown if these icons will make their first appearance in the growing Android platform or the pending Samsung Tizen operating system.

Previously, it was heard that Samsung made a new deal with a certain German company to develop carbon fibre materials. Although this can hint on many possibilities, Samsung is not confirming anything as of the moment. We have yet to find out how the company will design its future smartphones.

Now, let me ask you these: Are you happy with the design of Samsung smartphones? Does it give a sense of trademark superiority or is it only getting too old for a globally expanding company?