Scarce Supply of iPhone 5 and Nexus 4 Handsets Irks Customers

News   •   Dec 20, 2012 07:01 GMT

More and more potential customers are becoming frustrated as purchasing two of the most in-demand handsets this year, Apple’s iPhone 5 and LG’s Nexus 4, have become something akin of a scavenger hunt – with stocks in the market quickly vanishing in the blink of an eye as customers try to get hold of the additional supply of handsets.

iPhone 5 is the sixth generation iPhone developed by the US conglomerate giant, Apple Inc., following the widely successful release of its predecessor, the iPhone 4S last October 2011. It is powered by the infamous iOS6, which boasts the concept of direct manipulation based on multi-touch gestures on screen. Though it has received generally positive reviews, its new Maps Application has been the subject of ridicule from both its users and critics due to the application’s inaccuracies and serious geographical errors.

Nexus 4, on the other hand, is the fourth Nexus-branded smartphone developed by Google, exclusively manufactured by LG Electronics and is powered by the highly-anticipated Android 4.1 Jelly Bean – a feature leaked over the internet months before its official release.

Though both are fairly new releases, stocks alarmingly dwindle hours after rendering it available to the willing market. Apple was swamped with over two million pre-orders and a total of over five million units sold in the first three days after the official announcement of availability. But this fact was far outstripped by LG Nexus 4 handsets, which were declared ‘out of stock’ thirty minutes after it was formally released. As of today, android and apple enthusiasts are appalled with the scarcity of supply for both these handsets. And if, by some lucky chance one gets a hold of a unit, he will need to wait at least two weeks for his handset to be delivered.

Though Apple Inc. has greatly improved their supply these past few weeks with waiting time reduced to only two to four days, it took them the greater part of the two and half months after its release to finally get its act together. Unfounded rumors circulated around the web that Apple has deliberately kept its supply short in order to directly manipulate the android market.

Google’s Nexus 4, which was only released midweek of November, is still struggling with the high demand as both the 8GB and 16GB stocks are being repeatedly depleted to zero after handsets were made available through Google Play Store. Potential customers were advised to constantly check back at the Google Play Store for further announcements of when stocks will be available again, while those who ordered a unit are forced to wait six to seven weeks shipping time. As Google scrambles in finding additional stocks to cater to Christmas shoppers, Google’s UK Managing Director Dan Cobley formally issued a public apology on his Google+ page while putting the blame solely on LG’s supposed meager and wildly erratic supplies. LG Electronics, on the contrary, is pointing its finger at the surprisingly high demand for the handset as the real culprit.

Nevertheless, the call for more available handsets only proves that the two flagship devices top every smartphone user’s wishlist this holiday season.

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