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Sense 4.1 To Deliver Faster Performance On The HTC One X

News   •   Aug 19, 2012 12:44 BST

HTC have established an excellent reputation for producing high quality smartphones that combine great software with super features. The HTC One X is the new flagship model in their range and news has emerged of a new user interface update that will further improve the user experience that this great device delivers.

The HTC One X is a premium mobile phone that benefits from a superb 4.7 inch display and a powerful quad core processor. The phone runs on the Android operating system and boasts the Ice Cream Sandwich version of this software. All HTC Android phones use a user interface named Sense. This works over the top of the Android OS and aims to make performing day to day tasks on the phone simple and straight forward. Sense is regarded as one of the best examples of a perfect smartphone interface and users of the One X can look forward to an updated version that will be made available very soon.

Version 4.1 of the Sense UI for the HTC One X has not been officially released yet but this has not stopped some well known tech sites getting hold of the software and taking it for a test run. The main difference between this new version and version 4.0 is the user speeds that it delivers. The software is noticeably faster and will have users zipping around the various home screens and functions with no sign of lag or delay. The problem with earlier versions is that they employed the use of 3D animations and widgets to deliver some stunning visuals. Although these undoubtedly looked great they did place a huge amount of strain on the processor of the phone and the result was impaired performance. Sense 4.1 uses a much more simple interface which has a positive effect of the speeds that we can expect from the One X. Despite this more simplified layout the software still looks superb when compared to rival platforms such as Touchwiz and iOS. Users can expect the screen to last approximately 2 hours longer when using this new update. Some other changes have also been included in Sense 4.1. Some of these affect the camera feature with new white balance controls and a continuous auto focus being included while web browsing will also be enhanced thanks to a new tabbed browsing button.

The HTC One X is currently one of the very best phones around and the new Sense 4.1 update will further increase the appeal of this phone. The update will greatly improve performance times while also adding new features to other areas of the model.

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