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SEO link building companies utilise UK geo targeted article websites to provide contextual anchor text one way back links

News   •   Oct 11, 2010 14:09 BST

As many of us are all too aware, Google is the number one search engine in the world. It has maintained its search market share for years and continues to provide SEO link builders and SEO's in general with constant headaches. Whether looking at website link building or back links in general, the difficulty has always been how to obtain high quality anchor text based one way back links that help with the position of a website. Another problem for the website owner and SEO link building has been the recent algorithm change instigated by Google, which has been termed, Caffeine. This algorithmic change relates to constantly updated content and is something that Google is keen to provide its visitors. This change in algorithm and emphasis on constantly updated content, is one of the reasons why regularly updated article, press release or news websites are providing an excellent means of obtaining natural, contextual back links, with the added benefit of geo-targeting.

The main difficulty that many have with regard to effective geo-targeted search engine optimisation is how to obtain UK backlinks that provide Google and other search engines with information relating to the geographical location of the particular website. For example those websites that relate to the UK, should in essence obtain anchor text back links from UK hosted websites, with a view to improving their UK search positions within Google. One method which is increasingly being utilised by SEO experts and Webmasters is to utilise UK registered and hosted article websites that offer contextual, in body anchor text back links that are natural. This is generally achieved by submitting a professionally written SEO optimised article to an array of UK registered and hosted article directories and press release websites.

One of the main proponents, offering a wide range of high-quality UK hosted article, news and press release website anchor text back links is an online resource called One of their key services is a UK-based anchor text link geo-targeted submission service, which offers a range of article/news and press release websites, which are all registered within the UK, and are hosted within the UK on separate IP addresses.

The weblink building service provides a range of contextual and natural UK geo-targeted one way anchortext back links, which provide search engines including Google with detailed and specific keyword information relating to the website in question, whilst ensuring reader satisfaction by the fact that they only except high quality articles and press releases, which means that the visitors and readers are provided with high quality readable and interesting content.

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