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SEO - The devil is in the detail

News   •   Oct 12, 2010 13:27 BST

The term SEO, or search engine optimisation relates to the optimisation of a website for the purpose of improving its position within specific search engine results. Generally most websites will be specifically tailored for specific areas or markets, and as such relevant keywords or key phrases, are utilised by visitors to search engines to find specific websites within that particular market, relating to those keywords. Search engine optimisation, aims to provide the web site owner with an optimised website, that displays prominently within the relevant keyword searches, as dictated by the owner themselves.

Keywords are an integral element of SEO and the most important starting block, by which every website owner must ensure that the relevant and most effective keywords are targeted. When selecting keywords, the key is to utilise a variety of online tools, to ascertain the type of keyword that has sufficient numbers of searches to be a viable option. Long tail keywords are another element that need to be considered, for some of the more generic types of keyword such as diet, or loan, the competition can be extremely intense, with billions of results returned, this makes it very difficult for anyone to obtain a top page listing. However where some people have achieved search engine optimisation success is by utilising longtail keywords, for instance secured loans, may well be somewhat easier to achieve than the key phrase loans itself, as the competition is less.

Another aspect of SEO services may well be the factor of geo-targeting, which in essence means utilising the keywords that also contain a particular reference to a specific location. For example for a tradesmen such as a plumber or a carpet fitter, their business may well be local-based, and as such they will look for opportunities and would prefer to rank well for specific geo-targeted terms, such as carpet fitters, location. Another alternative and cost effective method of achieving higher rankings for geo-targeted specific websites is to utilise the services of article directories that are hosted and registered within the UK, which with the addition of anchor text links can provide significant boosts to the search engine positions of local geo-targeted websites.

As described, obtaining effective back links, utilising anchor text, as well as possible geo-targeting, is one of the most integral of page elements of SEO.

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