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September Brings New EU Energy Labeling for Vacuum Cleaners

News   •   Sep 01, 2014 09:00 BST

New EU legislation has come into force this month which requires all vacuum cleaners to label their energy efficiency.  All vacuum cleaners will now carry an energy label and be rated from A-G for performance, dust re-emission, noise level and energy consumption.  Providing transparency for consumers by clearly demonstrating the performance features of the appliance, the new labels will be a helpful guide and welcomed addition for buyers.

The new energy labels will enable consumers to evaluate a vacuum’s performance at a glance.   Vacuums will be rated for energy consumption, sound level, dust re-emission and cleaning performance on carpet and on hard floors - making it easier for consumers to choose the appliance best suited to their individual needs.  For example, a low sound level may well be a purchasing criteria for those looking for an unobtrusive sounding vacuum cleaner, while someone with allergies may be particularly interested in the dust re-emission class. Homes with predominantly carpet or hard flooring (or mixture of both) will find the information on a vacuum cleaners performance on carpets and hard floors useful. The overall energy consumption rating also allows quick and simple comparison between models.

With its energy efficient range of vacuum cleaners, Panasonic welcomes the opportunity to provide a uniform and user-friendly way to highlight the performance features of vacuum cleaners. Panasonic’s well regarded range of vacuum cleaners includes upright, compact bagless and cylinders models, catering for all requirements.