Share Files on Your Smart Phone With DropSpot

News   •   Mar 14, 2012 09:00 GMT

Now that everyone has a smartphone, it means that you can have your own files and everything you’d normally keep on a PC or laptop by your side at all times. With ever-increasing memory capacities of smartphones, it is becoming more and more difficult to fill them up and that means you can carry more files on your phone. However, there is a slight problem and that is we don’t always have time to connect our phones to PCs and that’s why Android have come up with DropSpot. It’s essentially a cloud storage file sharing app.

This means that you can let others access your files, transfer files over to other enabled-devices and wirelessly transfer them to PCs. It means you don’t have to carry cables around with you when the need arises to pass files over to someone else. If you have FireFox enabled on your Android smartphone then you can access your files stored by using your web browser. It’s similar to DropBox which has been around for many years, as have over file sharing and storage sites, but DropSpot is perfect for Android users.

The way DropSpot works is it has to be connected to a WiFi network which is the same as the PC or other device. You then input the IP address so that both devices are configured to the same connection and choose the files you want to transfer and send. It’s that simple. You can send the files in bulk so there it can be more automatic than having to send each file individually.

The Android app has a fantastically sleek look and navigation to it that makes it very easy to use. A simple app that doesn’t have many features for it to be confusing which is what people that would use DropSpot need and that is exactly what they get. There is a focus on safety and security, and that’s why you can lock you device so files cannot be taken from your phone without your permission. It’s a simple drag and drop style of passing the files over, which makes it simple to connect to a device or multiple PCs and drop the files you want to share into the external folder.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between two versions. The Lite version is free and available to download direct from Google Play, and allows you to send small files easily to other users and PCs. However, the full version means you can send up to 5MB worth of files at any one time, which would be good for business users that want to send large files or for those sharing videos etc. The full version costs just $1.99, and if you need it just once it is still a bargain.

Whether you choose the Lite or full version, it’s one app that is perfect to have in your cache as you never know when you need to transfer files. Even send groups of images to your friends of a night out, or a video that your friends can keep on their phone, there are so many uses for DropSpot.