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Siri To Use Bing Instead of Google As Following iOS 7 Update

News   •   Jun 13, 2013 17:09 BST

Apple's Siri application debuted on the iPhone 4S, and has become one of the best known features of iOS. The application has helped Apple to remain competitive in the smartphone business, by offering never before seen levels of convenience, versatility and productivity.

Siri is Apple's voice activated personal assistant application. Users simply give the application a voice command, and it will then use native iOS applications and web searches to instantly share the information and carry out all manner of different tasks. Virtually every native iOS application can be used in conjunction with Siri, allowing users to set alarms and appointments in calendars, select music tracks, dictate emails and text messages and update social networking statuses, plus much more without the user even touching the screen. More news on the iPhone 5 can be found here:

Virtually any question can be asked by Siri, which will carry out a Google search to find the relevant information display the results on the screen. Until recently, Google has been the default search engine used by the application. However, Apple Insider has recently reported that as part of the new iOS 7 update, Siri will instead use Microsoft's Bing search engine. The reason for this is most likely the ongoing rivalry between Apple and Google. The search giant also owns the Android operating system, which is of course the biggest competitor to Apple when it comes to mobile operating systems.

The recently announced iOS 7 update also sees several other improvements made to Siri, so using a different search engine is unlikely to affect the user experience in a negative way. While a number of other manufacturers have created their own versions like Samsung's S-Voice, Siri remains the best known and most widely used, and arguably the most impressive such application available.

Do you think the switch to the Bing search engine will have a negative effect on the user experience of Siri? Have your say in the comments section, and compare iPhone 5 special offers on our website.