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Slender and curvy is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

News   •   May 06, 2012 13:33 BST

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus best deals a simple and curved design which includes a great range of features along with the latest Android operating system, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The handset also includes a 5 megapixel camera and full touch bar display through which the intuitive user interface is brought to you. The impressive handset has a large 4.65 inch display which is capable of displaying up to 16 million colors and is enhanced wit the Super AMOLED technology as featured on other handsets such as the Galaxy Note. Along with the sleek design that this handset brings however, the Android 4 operating system also brings an entirely new user interface with a cleaner look and feel due to only displaying the most commonly used applications on the home screen, rather than all or many widgets. This handset is also unique in that the new interface incorporates dedicated, physical keys that are usually on a smartphone, and instead replaces them with touch controls onscreen, allowing a relatively normal sized handset to offer such a large display in the first place. As the Galaxy Nexus is also a Google phone, it is obvious that many Google applications are on it, preinstalled. These include Google plus Messenger which is part of the search engine giant’s new social network, which allows you to message contacts through your handset, and Google Talk which offers video chat using the front camera. Messaging includes full email capabilities along with both text and multimedia messaging also. As well as these options you can communicate with friends easily through the integrated social networks such as Google plus and Facebook among others respectively. Meanwhile the usual location based services allowing you to share where you are, or see where friends are are also present, and the internal Assisted GPS antenna supports this. Meanwhile, the main camera offers 5 megapixel resolution and is capable of video recording in standard definition, and both 720 pixel or 1080 pixel High Definitions respectively. It is also great for capturing photos, and comes with an LED flash, auto focussing and up to 8 times digital zoom. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus provides a serious contender to other manufacturers and their new releases with some of its great features such as its large display, good HD camera and most of all the Android 4 OS. As well as those features, it is also a very slim device with an equally impressive and curvy design.