Smart Shoes by Apple

News   •   Feb 07, 2013 07:00 GMT

Apple, the innovative company has now invented an iShoes  and is currently applying for its patent. The iShoes feature sensors that will keep you informed when to replace it. It has a built in LED lights and speakers. The processor and all its other electronic components are inserted in its heel and sole. 

The sensors are housed in its sole for the shoes to detect and provide a hint of how damaged the shoes are. Sensors can detect shoe motion that gives its users a hint if the shoes have surpassed its recommended walking hours. A battery makes the sensors work; its either you change the battery or you re-charge it while walking.

 When the iShoes are on its worn out stage, the sensor and its alarm system will alert the user to help them prevent injury. The detector that was placed in the shoe sole   will then process the data and thru its alarm sends the user a signal that the shoes needs to be replaced.

It is not the first time that Apple applied for shoes patent, the first one was in January when they applied for shoes with embedded sensors that inform the users work out status. This is good to help users attain their goals by checking their work out activity as recorded by the gadgets in their body rather than depending on their body work out  habits.  

With this invention, this smart shoes will be focused on giving its users a healthy work out habit and will also include how frequent you wear the shoes. Expect this shoe to be seen in different sports stores in the market as soon as its patent is approved. This shoe will probably become a hit to health buff like you. Imagine a shoe that tells you when you need to replace them, isn’t it nice?

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