Smartphone Face-off: iPhone 6 vs. Nexus 5

News   •   Apr 21, 2013 07:00 BST

New handsets are being released here and there making smartphone lovers more knowledgeable about brands, models and specs. Manufacturers are always upping the ante in order get ahead of their competitors, much to the pleasure of the consumers. Because of this, comparisons couldn’t be avoided between brands and their units. As early as now tech lovers are putting the unannounced iPhone 6 and Nexus 5 on top of their list of smartphones to watch out for.

Though there aren’t any official announcements made by the two brands, there are already talks about how the new handsets might look. Though most experts believe that the iPhone 6 will be released next year, there’s a lot of buzz about the phone having new, game changing features such as a wrap-around display. But that’s just one of the features rumoured to be included with the new Apple handset.

The Nexus smartphones have lately been experiencing massive popularity with the release of LG Nexus 4 especially among Android users which is why there is so much anticipation for the upcoming Nexus 5.  Knowing LG’s quality cameras, it is believed that they will bring a better camera unit to the next Nexus smartphone. Equipped with a Vanilla Android experience and available updates to the next OS, it seems that Nexus is a practical choice. The unlocked price of the last Nexus made it more popular and became an unexpected hit. At one point it was even sold out on Google Play.

With all buzz going around regarding the two popular smartphones, there’s so much anticipation in the air. Smartphone and tech lovers will be pleased to know that their favourite brands are doing their best to bring something new to the game. With rumours of features that will totally change the way people use their phones, all news about new smartphones being released is always good news.

Are you an Apple or an Android user? Will these new units make you decide to switch to the other platform? Whichever platform or brand you may prefer, it’s best to keep updated with the latest scoop on the newest smartphones. Surely, the brands are working their hardest to give their patrons something to be pleased about. Despite the lack of release dates, the wait will surely be worth it. If the talks are indeed true, are you already gearing up for the arrival of the two handsets? 

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