Smartphone Sat Nav Technology

News   •   Oct 05, 2012 13:00 BST

With the advances in technology satellite navigation systems and gaming consoles are fast being thrown into the past. With new smartphones being able to run super-fast processors and have screen resolutions so sharp and quick that there is no need for any other gadget. You can listen to millions of songs, hold onto tonnes of video clips, add apps for pretty much everything and you can use it in your car for a sat nav. With Apple ditching Google Maps and Android releasing an offline TomTom app, there is serious advances in smartphone technology almost every week.

As TomToms as the most popular car sat navs of the last few years, it does seem that a smartphone TomTom app will impress. There are turn by turn directions as well as regular updates to the mapping system to include changes in roads and routes. It’s around £40 for the app but when you consider how much better it is than any other mapping or sat nav device it’s a bargain. It means that you don’t need another gadget in the car as you simply plug your phone in and it will direct you, if you’re constantly lost or need to drive to different places every day.

However, there is a downside to the offline TomTom app and that is it swallows 2.3GB of space. If you’ve only got a 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 and no expandable storage cards then this is a big deal. However, with microSD cards tumbling in price, you could easily have the TomTom application on your phone and it shouldn’t make too much difference. Clever smartphone owners always back up their phone with an online storage system anyway in case they lose their phone so if you don’t constantly watch those videos that you keep then back them up and delete them off your phone.

The new apps are available on Android only at the moment, as iOS has been left off. This is bad news for Apple as it’s dumped Google Maps and doesn’t really have an answer as yet for the new iPhone 5. The Samsung Galaxy S3, however, is more than good enough and fast enough thanks to its quad-core processor and super-fast CPU so that you can run the TomTom easily. The app is also usable on the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note and the Nexus 7.

So, if you’re a Samsung Galaxy S3 owner then you can run your smartphone as a sat nav using the new app. It means that you can sell your other gadgets as your new Samsung Galaxy S3 compiles many gadgets in one. At Mobile Phone Checker, you can compare contract phones and see what the best prices are, so if you’re still thinking about getting an S3 then you can get one for far less by comparing the different deals. Once you’ve checked the Samsung Galaxy S3 deals online you can snap up the red, white, grey, blue or black one and bask in the glory of one of the finest smartphones ever made.