Smartphones For the ‘Older’ Generation

News   •   Jul 23, 2012 07:00 BST

We’re so used to seeing smartphones that do amazing things and are lighter, smaller, more technical and packed with so much technology that even geeks don’t know what to do with them but what about the older generation? Most people that remember when the first mobile phones came out will smirk at memories of huge handsets, in-car phones and why shoulder pads came in handy for the said handsets! However, with the newer smartphones and their shiny, glass screens it can be a little unnerving to figure out how to make a phone call.

Gone are the days when you punched in a few numbers and called your friends. Now you can speak the name and it calls their number for you, or you can email them if you wanted. As older-style phones aren’t really on our shelves any more, here are a few pointers to look out for if you’re buying a smartphone for an elderly relative:


Choose a simple interface. One that is easy to read, use and see. It’s no good if you have apps sprawled across many screens and you have to click through to different screens just to do a simple task. A large on-screen keyboard is a must, too. Apple iPhone 4S phones have Siri, which is a voice-activated personal assistant that can help with many menial tasks without having to find it on the phone yourself. Windows Phones have large tiles that are easy to see and can be customised for the user.

Large Screen

Unfortunately, we still have to wait for the iPhone 5 which will have a much larger screen, but there are many options from Samsung, such as the Galaxy SIII and the Note, which is a tablet PC. These larger devices have a stylus that is an electric pen which makes it easier to accurately get through the screens.

Which Handset?

Although you will most likely want a lightweight phone that has a large screen, the added weight of the screen will cause it to be bulky. Samsung phones can be a little irksome to a new user, but Apple’s products tend to be the easiest to use and most intuitive.

At the moment, there is the Sony Xperia U and the HTC Desire C which are lightweight but it’s the Samsung Galaxy SIII that is the latest phone that an elderly person would be suited to if it wasn’t for Apple.

The Apple iPhone 4S wins the day from its bigger screen and easy to use interface. It’s packed with goodies but it never forgets that it’s a phone. Using the voice activation you can save time and effort from scrolling through screens and it is essentially the best phone out there. As a result of the new iPhone 5 coming out soon, there are many iPhone 4S deals that are available. If that’s too much for you then there are iPhone 4 deals from Mobile Phone Checker – the site that compares all of the latest smartphones on the market today!