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Social Networking Is A Strength Of The HTC One X

News   •   Jul 16, 2012 00:10 BST

The latest flagship smartphone from popular Taiwanese manufacturer HTC is called the HTC One X.  This is already proving to be a popular choice, thanks to some of the most advanced smartphone features currently available gracing its spec list.  Phones like this are used for an increasingly varied range of tasks these days with social networking being one of the most popular.  In this article I will take a closer look at social networking features of the HTC One X.


All recent Android smartphones from HTC come with and pre-installed social networking widget called FriendStream.  This allows users to view Facebook and Twitter updates on a single interface, which means that users do not have to open the individual apps each time to view updates.  When you first use the widget, you are required to enter your login details for your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  After this, anytime you view the widget you will see real time updates from both sites in chronological order.  In order to interact with Facebook and Twitter posts, simply tap the update you wish to retweet, like or comment on.  The FriendStream widget will then open be appropriate application for whichever social networking site you wish to use.  Because FriendStream is a widget rather than a normal app, you will be able to view these updates on the homescreen where the widget is placed, so you do not have to open the Facebook or Twitter apps one at a time.  This is a real time saver and very convenient, as it allows you to get an overview of both sites in the same time.


Although the FriendStream widget is very useful for people who are signed up to both Facebook and Twitter, the HTC One X also comes pre-installed with Facebook and Twitter apps.  It has the Android versions along with the HTC Sense optimised version of the Twitter app.  Having individual apps for each site is useful for people who are only signed up to one of the social networks rather than both of them.  By using individual apps for rather than FriendStream, users are able to carry out a larger range of tasks, with most of the tasks of the websites themselves included within the apps.  Google Play is where users can download applications from a wide array of categories, with many included in the social networking category.  Here you can find apps for the social networking services such as MySpace, LinkedIn and Bebo.


Thanks to apps and widgets like those outlined in this article, the HTC One X makes the perfect smartphone for social networking.  Thanks to the handset’s 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, it is easy to stay up to date with friends and family no matter what your location is.

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