Sony Looks to Jostle at the Top With the New Xperia Mint

News   •   Jul 28, 2012 13:00 BST

Apple and Samsung have the smartphone market tied up with stunning sales figures of 5 million per month and $8+ billion profits. These are incredible figures that other smartphone makers simply cannot compete with, but as Sony is a giant in the electronics industry anyway, the firm want to get a piece of the action with a new kind of its Xperia range called the Mint.

It’s just speculation at the moment but with the Sony Xperia Ray deals going strong and the Xperia S and others in the range doing quite well, despite the intense competition from other smartphones, the new Mint will be the flagship model to take the firm deeper into the smartphone world. Sony, always known for its hi-fis, TVs and other electronic items has been a slow starter in the smartphone and indeed years ago in the mobile phone industry. While it might have created some of the earlier phones it simply did not think the industry would be where it is today, which is certainly a missed opportunity that Samsung has capitalised on.

There are hundreds of screenshots of the new Sony Xperia Mint, which is also called the LT30p, and although it looks similar to others in the Xperia range, it’s slightly larger and the specification and features are the main areas that will blow you away. Cleverly, the firm can use most of the gubbins from the other Xperia phones and enhance the internals to achieve better results, which is where the profits will come teeming in.

At the moment, the basic specifications looks like this: SnapDragon S4 processor which will run at 1.5GHz – ample in today’s world – and it will run on Android’s 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with a possible upgrade to the Jelly Bean 4.1 at a later date. Where the Xperia Mint really shines is the stunning 1280 x 720 resolution display and ultra-sharp screen clarity as well as the 13MP rear camera. It’s the camera that will sway most people towards it as it means it’s up to scratch with the latest digital cameras of which Sony are market leaders! There will be a lowly 1GB RAM which isn’t enough with all of the other jazzy details that go on so there will be slight juddering and delays, especially when you compare it to the quad-core processors and 2GB RAM from other smartphones on the market. However, there is a 16GB internal storage and a microSD card slot so you can effectively have huge amounts of images and videos, files and documents stored on your phone at all times.

As ever, there is always a bit of give and take when it comes to smartphones and the Sony Xperia Mint is no exception. With the Sony Xperia Ray deals causing many people to snap them up and the Xperia S is more of a luxury item, the Mint looks set to stand on top of those as the firm’s best smartphone yet!