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Sony Set To Launch New Security Package For Xperia Devices Such As The Sony Xperia Z

News   •   Jul 06, 2013 22:11 BST

Sony are one of the leading names when it comes to Android smartphones and the company currently produce an impressive line up of device which includes the massively popular Sony Xperia Z device.  The Japanese giants are set to release a new piece of software for all Xperia handsets to help users if their phone is ever lost or stolen.

Android as an operating system may be streets ahead of rival platforms when it comes to a number of features but one service lacking is the ability for users to track and access their phone if it is not in their possession.  The ability to tack and wipe a device if a phone is lost is very valuable and such options are offered as part of the iOS operating system from Apple.  Sony are now set to introduce their own alternative which will work with Xperia handsets such as the Sony Xperia Z.  The new My XPeria service is set to be released over the coming weeks and will deliver a host of useful options to users of such devices.  These will include the ability to lock the phone remotely and also the ability to track the exact location of the handset.  

A hugely attractive aspect of the new My Xperia service is that it will be totally free which is sure to appeal to a large number of consumers.  There are currently third party Android apps available that offer similar functionality but these attract a cost.  After the initial download of My Xperia ha been performed on devices such as the Sony Xperia Z the user can then visit a website neamed where they will be presented with a tracking screen showing the exact location of their handset.  Other options are available from here such as activating an alert tone on the device, potentially useful is the handset has simply been misplaced.  A lock can also be placed on the phone meaning that nobody can access the handset until it is back in the owner's possession.  If these measure do fail to locate the handset the most drastic option is a full wipe of the phone which will erase all data from both the phones hard drive and any removable media that has been inserted.  Click here for a host of XperiaZ comparisons and cheapest deals.

The My Xperia service from Sony is coming soon for user of handset such as the Sony Xperia Z and offers high levels of functionality totally free of charge.