Sony Xperia U Gets Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich

News   •   Sep 12, 2012 07:00 BST

Many Android smartphone owners have been angered and frustrated with Google as the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system has yet to be accessible by the devices. Think about it, millions of Android users know that only a select few handsets can accept the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, which is thought to be light years ahead of the older Gingerbread system, and with Jelly Bean upgrade plenty of people feel that their operating system is miles behind the competition.

As Apple will be releasing iOS6 with the new iPhone 5 and Windows Phone 8 is already out on Nokia Lumia 800 and 900, some Android owners feel like they’re being left behind. Despite manufacturers deciding to update the devices many fail before the update goes through. However, the Sony Xperia U will receive the update to the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system very soon. And that’s been confirmed!

It sounds amazing that some smartphones are still being released with Gingerbread 2.3 – even this year – but thankfully the Sony Xperia U will get the upgrade within a few weeks, say the firm. Sony stated this fact on its blog, the official one, and after interacting with its customers it said that the roll-out will start in a few weeks and gradually reach everyone soon. While there isn’t a date yet the firm has said that it is doing everything in its power to make that date come around quickly so that Xperia U owners aren’t left in the lurch with the aging Android operating system.

However, some owners might feel that this is reminiscent of last year when Xperia owners were promised to be upgraded to the Jelly Bean update and miss out the Ice Cream Sandwich, but for the past year they have had to put up with the Gingerbread. This year, they can only hope that they get ICS and if they’re really lucky then it could well be the Jelly Bean update, but no one is holding their breath.

Many people look for Sony Xperia U deals online and might have been put off by the Gingerbread operating system but now that the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade has been announced that could all change. The new operating system has gone down a storm since it was launched, and Jelly Bean has taken ICS even further, but for the mainstream ICS is more than enough for many people and it helps apps work faster and is much more intuitive to use and get around.

The faster and lighter operating system is more powerful but with less drain on the battery, which is something that smartphone owners really take into account. With so many Sony Xperia U deals hitting the shelves, we can see on our mobile phone contract comparison site that networks and retailers are battling to produce the best deals around for the Xperia U and other Xperia devices. If you’re looking for a new Xperia U then take a look at the comparison deals and make the most of the cheaper rates online.