Sony Xperia ZU Breaks Records

News   •   Jun 21, 2013 07:00 BST

Lots of new and expensive smartphones are getting good reviews because of its sleek looks and powerful specifications. Consumers in the coming months will be treated to another more popular and sought after smartphone hardware with the introduction of the Sony Xperia ZU. It seems that this new smartphone from Sony had broken all the standards when it comes to smartphones long before it will be released. Smartphone lovers have yet to see a new smartphone that will be released to the public that has a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor but there are talks that lots of smartphones with the same specification will become available soon.

There is a handset with an odd name called ymmh5y0n5zeaouu that has been introduced and this  will surely change smartphones’ standards and according to sources it is the Sony Xperia ZU. This smartphone is expected to surpass the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 because it features a 6.44 inch HD touch screen display with 2GB RAM and will run on a 3000mAh battery. Sony Xperia ZU manages to beat Samsung Galaxy S4 that will soon be released using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 too. Galaxy S4 scored a remarkable 31,491 while Sony reached 32, 173.

Other information that was released from the benchmarking tests revealed that the handset is running with Android 4.2.2 and it is expected to be released in Germany this June 25. It is said that the processor is thought of to be coming from inside the soon to be released Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Consumers who would like to buy a phablet size smartphone this year is expected to get the HTC One Max as the rumours suggest.

Are you thinking of getting the new Sony Xperia ZU? If so, what is it that you like about the new Xperia? If you have been a Sony smartphone fanatic, what do you think of Sony breaking the smartphone’s records? See what our mobile phone contract comparison site has on offer when the new Sony Xperia XU is out.